[The Ranking for the Annual Matches at Ekoin Temple during the Spring of 1860 (Ansei 7)](Ansei Sichinen Haru Ekoin Honbasho Banzuke)
1860 (Ansei 7) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 587-K13

This is the list of rankings for the spring sumo tournament in 1860 (Ansei 7). Sumo rankings are still used today, but those printed in wood block started to be ditributed between 1716 and 1735 (Kyōho era ).

The format of ranking charts, which became popular in the Edo period, originated in this sumō ranking. The sumō rankings printed on a vertical board started in the winter of 1757 (Hōreki 7).
The lettering used for the ranking chart is called Negishi-style, which is one of Edomoji lettering styles and is believed to have been created by Mikawaya Negishi Jiemon, who was an authorized publisher and printer of the sumō ranking chart. Today, the ranking chart is prepared by gyoji (referees), who inherit the Negishi style to draw these characteristically bold letters often referred to as sumō-ji (letters).