The Wealthy in Edo, New Edition (Shinpan Ōedo Mochimaru Choja Kagami)
1846 (Koka 3) Kaga Collection 220-1

This is a ranking standings (mitate banzuke) generally called the list of the rich (chōjya banzuke). The amount of money is not indicated here, but the rankings list both Echigoya and Shirokiya (today's Mitsukoshi and Tōkyū department stores) as promoters. The refrerees include Mitani Sankuro, a money changer in Edo, who ranked with the Kōnoike family in Osaka.

Various types of mitate banzuke (ranking standings) were created from the Edo period till the Meiji and Taisho periods. In particular, the lists of the wealthy were made in large number. The list of high income taxpayers, which used to be made public in the past, is also referred to as a list of the wealthy because of this ranking.
In addition to a list only for Edo, various lists of the wealthy were created, including the ones for Osaka and other regions, a ranking to compare the wealthy in Osaka and Edo, and a list for the whole country. The list of wealthy introduced here is the one for Edo, but includes many names of the rice brokers, who changed rice collected as land tax of retainers/low-level vassals of the Tokugawa shogunate.
The lists of the wealthy indicate the prosperity in Edo and an unchanged high interest in "the rich."