Sugoroku for Success in the First Sale of the New Year (Hatsuakinai Shusse Sugoroku)
Written by Kosanba and painted by Utagawa Kuniteru 1854 (Ansei 1) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 07516-S1

This is a Sugoroku (a Japanese boardgame similar to western Snakes and Ladders) of the lineup of products sold at the cosmetics store founded by a popular novelist, Shikitei Sanba and was succeeded by his son, Kosanba. The prices are also displayed. The Seven Gods of Good Fortune are depicted on this Sugoroku, and thus, this work is assumed to be a New Year's gift distributed as a form of advertisment.

Shikitei Sanba is famous as the author of "Ukiyo-buro" and "Ukiyo-doko", which are representative of the comic novels that were popular in the late Edo period. He opened a fancy goods store that deal in cosmetics in Nihonbashi and brought prosperity to his business.
In his own novel, Sanba cleverly incorporated advertising by writing a story in which a character in the novel became beautiful by using the products sold at Sanba's store. In particular, "Edo no Mizu (Water of Edo)" sold well, and it can be found on the extreme right at the top of the sugoroku (Japanese board game similar to western Snakes and Ladders) introduced here.
"Edo no Mizu" was very popular because it was useful to keep white makeup powder on and spread makeup well. Edo is said to be the first place in the world where even common women used makeup.