Beautiful Women Dressed in Kimono with Benkei-style Pattern: Chronicle of the Battle of Ichinotani (Shimazoroi Onna Benkei Ichinotani Futaba Gunki)
Painted by Utagawa Kuniyoshi 1844 (Tempō 15) Tokyo Shiryō Collection K662-20-5

This is one of the pictures of series Mitate Bijin-ga (Ukiyo-e that portray beautiful women) comprised of ten pictures painted by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, an expert in the pictures of warriors. All the women depicted in this work are dressed in kimono with Benkei-style pattern (Benkei-gōshi) as the title says.

The series Shimazoroi Onna Benkei (Beautiful Women Dressed in Benkei-checked Kimonos) is a series of pictures of beautiful women dressed in "shima-moyo (checkered)" kimono that was very popular in the Edo period.

Benkei-jima (also called Benkei-goshi, or Benkei-check)" in this picture is one of the checked patterns with the same widths vertically and horizontally, which are woven with threads in two different colors. It was named after the stage costume of Benkei dressed in a mountain priest costume in the kabuki "Kanjinchō."
This series is made up of nishiki-e (colored woodblock prints) with the theme of "Benkei", and includes mitate-e (analogues) that remind us of the scenes about the stories of Benkei. A notice-board that a women holds in her hand and the waka (traditional Japanese poem), "I do not break a flower, but my nails cut quickly resemble a board to announce the order from the government" are assumed to be compared to the scene of "Kumagai Jinya", act 3 of "Chronicle of the Battle of Ichinotani (Ichinotani futaba gunki)."