Sugoroku for Newly Selected Famous Sake (Shinsen Meishu Sugoroku)
Painted by Baisotei Gengyo 1861 (Bunkyū 1) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 883-S3

This work introduces 80 brands of Japanese sake in the form of a sugoroku (a Japanese board game similar to western Snakes and Ladders). In the end of the Edo period, the number of sake brands increased and we can find those that are still produced today such as "Hakushika" and "Shirayuki".

In the middle of the Edo period, sake brewing became a big industry. In line with the development of maritime traffic and establishment of wholesale dealers, a large amount of sake produced in Nada and Itami was loaded into ships, transported to Edo as "kudarizake", and gained popularity among general public.
Baisotei Gengyo was a famous calligrapher and painter. Originally, he helped his family business of kyojiya who mounted calligraphy works and paintings on scrolls and books but later worked exclusively in creating calligraphic works and paintings and also producing block copy for novels. He also contributed to the establishment of typography by making block copy in katakana form.