Fifty Four Tile Genji Sugoroku (Gojuyon-jō Genji Sugoroku)
Painted by Baisotei 1857 (Ansei 4) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 4574-S8

This is a sugoroku (a Japanese board game similar to western Snakes and Ladders). The players journey through 54 picture cards, starting at the card of the first chapter "Kiritsubo (the name of emperor)" and finishing at the one of the last chapter of "Yume no Ukihashi (The Floating Bridge of Dreams)" of the "Tale of Genji". Many Japanese dry confectioneries called higashi are placed at the goal in the center. Each card has the name of a volume and the picture associated with the Genji-kō (Genji incense) and the chapter name.

The pictures are divided into two types: Pictures that are directly related to the chapters themselves such as the flower of kiri (paulownia) for the Kiritsubo chapter, the flower of yugao (bottle gourd) for the Yugao chapter, and the leaf of aoi (hollyhock) for the Aoi chapter, and pictures that are associated with the chapter's content or phrases within the chapter like the bridge and the bag of plectrum of a thirteen strings called Koto in the Matsukaze chapter because Hikaru Genji (protagonist of the story and the second son of Emperor Kiritsubo) and Akashi no Ue (his concubine) are bonded closer by the Koto in this chapter. This game also shows the "Tale of Genji" was very popular among people in those days.
In this way, the "Tale of Genji" was often used as a component for e-sugoroku (illustrated Japanese board game similar to western Snakes and Ladders). You can see the one with cards that comes from Genji-e, or a form of ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) based on "Nise Murasaki Inaka Genji (False Murasaki and a Rural Genji)" and the one with cards involving each chapter name of Genji's 54 chapters with the "Genji-kō-zu" pattern. There was also another game called "Genji e-awase" apparently like sugoroku, where players put a related card on the paper with a chapter name and the Genji-kō-zu pattern on it. However, unfortunately most of the cards have been lost and today you can rarely find such sugoroku in perfect condition.