Plum Series: Beautiful Customs Sugoroku (Ume-zukushi Kichirei Sugoroku)
Painted by Hanabusa Icchō 1765 (Meiwa 2) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 5259-S16

This is a print related to haikai called "Haikai Ichimai Zuri." Such handouts often had pictures and most of them were distributed amongst haiku poets. This work is in the form of a sugoroku (a Japanese board game similar to western Snakes and Ladders), is full of ingenious ideas, and is very attractive to players.

In the left side of the page, you can find the letters of "Shun Kyō," which were haikai composed by fellow haikai members at a New Year's meeting, collected as a booklet or a piece of paper, printed, and then presented to each other.
This work is a kind of sugoroku consisting of "Shun Kyo" by the members belonging to the Edo-za Haikai whose main member was Sekijukan Shūkoku (1711 to 1796) who was active as a haiku poet in the middle of Edo period. The theme of this meeting seemed to be a plum blossoms and thus the sugoroku (Japanese board game similar to western Snakes and Ladders) was made up of 29 sections full of plum blossoms starting at "Kōbunboku", another name for plum.
Edo-za, a school of haikai, was established mainly by Takarai Kikaku, a follower of Bashō, after his death and placed more emphasis on the witty remarks of haikai.