Musashi Stirrups (Musashi Abumi)
Written by Asai Ryōi 1661 (Manji 4) New Aquisitions 584

This is a Kanazōshi recording of the so-called Great Fire of Meireki that broke out from Honmyōji Temple (around the present Hongō in Bunkyō ward) in January 1657 (Meireki 3). A detailed depiction of the fire can be seen in the illustrations.

Following the Great Fire, this is said to be the most detailed recording of the event. There are many illustrations and there are detailed depictions of the early-days' fight against fire such as the use of firefighting carts and when recounting fire disasters of the past, this work always springs to mind.
The author, Ryōi Asai, is representative of authors who used Kusazoshi (old storybooks written in kana) in the early Edo period and he wrote many books. This record of the Great Fire of Meireki is written in a storytelling style and tells the tale of a monk called Rakusai who lost his family in the fire and who meets an old acquaintance from his hometown during a pilgrimage across the country and recounts the story of the event.
The page shown depicts the scene of Asakusa Gate during the Great Fire of Meireki.