Illustration of Armor from the fifth volume of "Rakuyoshu" (Fugu no Zu)
Collection of Special Aquisitions 2491-5

This is a picture satirizing the attempts to protect the country against the arrival of Perry's ships. It is an elaborate design, and there is a play on words involving the words armor (bugu) and puffer fish (fugu). The stone wall underneath the helmet represents a fort.

Due to Perry's landing, the shogunate, wishing to pour its power into coastal defense, ordered all the clans to send people to coastal areas and set up forts and batteries. In this picture, three crests are depicted showing the Matsudaira of the Kawagoe clan, Mouri of the Choshu clan and Hosokawa of the Kumamoto clan and it is assumed that the feudal lords who guarded the coast of the Miura peninsula were placed side by side. The landing of Perry's fleet did not only impact the Bakufu but it was also for the clans, a serious event that could shake away their foundations.
'Rakuyoshu' in which this picture is printed is an essay compiled by Mokitsu Hachiya, a retainer of Tayasu household, one of the three Lords, and materials such as earthquakes and fires are compiled by theme into nine volumes in total. In the fifth issue, choosing the Perry's landing as a theme the pictures of Black Ship, kyoka (satirical poems) and otoshibanashi (stories ending in a funny pun) etc are gathered and this picture is also filed here.