Tale of Okabe Sanjuro (Kinsei Meigiden Okabe Sanjyūro)
Painted by Utagawa Yoshitsuya II Tokyo Shiryō Collection 2445-K2-1(1)

This is a color print of Sanjuro Okabe, one of the Mito clansman who attacked the Chief Councillor of the Shogun at the time Naosuke Ii. This attack, which took place just outside Sakuradamon, Edo in 1860 (seventh year of Ansei) was later referred to as 'The Sakuradamon Incident'.

In 'The Sakuradamon Incident', seceded warriors from the Mito and Satsuma clans attacked the Hikone clan's procession and assassinated the Chief Councillor Naosuke Ii. The assassination of this authority figure of the time sent a signal that the Bakufu's authority had weakened and it is said to have led the Bakufu Administration to fall. Many of the ringleaders committed suicide or were captured and executed by the Bakufu.