Setagaya Gōtoku-ji Temple from "Guide to Famous Spots of Edo Vol.3"
Compiled by Saitō Chōshū, Painted by Hasegawa Settan 1834-1836 (Tempō 5 to Tempō 7) Kaga Collection 256

Gōtoku-ji Temple was founded in 1480 (the twelfth year of Bunmei). It became a major temple which includes a large temple edifice after the lord of the Ōmi Hikone domain Ii Naotaka designated it as the Ii family temple in 1633 (the tenth year of Kan'ei). Ii Naosuke, who was slain in Sakuradamongai-no-hen (Sakuradamon Incident) in 1860 (the first year of Man'en ), is buried at this temple.