Famous Spots of the East Capital: Complete picture of Ueno Tōei-zan
Painted by Utagawa Hiroshige I During the Tempō period (1830-1844) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 3536-C10

Ueno Tōei-zan faces the "demon's gate" of the Edo Castle. Adopting the example of Enryaku-ji Temple built after the advice of a monk of high-rank Tenkai in Hiei-zan which faces the demon's gate of the city of Kyoto, the land of Ueno Shinobugaoka was given the name of Tōei-zan meaning Hiei-zan of the east, and then Kan'ei-ji Temple was built in 1625 (the second year of Kan'ei) as opposed to Enryaku-ji Temple.