Nakano-no-Tō Tower from "Guide to Famous Spots of Edo Vol.4"
Compiled by Saitō Chōshū, Painted by Hasegawa Settan 1834-1836 (Tempō 5 to Tempō 7) Kaga Collection 256

The tower of Nakano was a three-storied pagoda which was said to have been donated by Iizuka Sōbei during the Kan'ei era (1624 -1643) and was one of Edo's famous places along with the five-storied pagoda located in Kan'ei-ji Temple, Ueno. It was located on the grounds of Hōsen-ji Temple, Chūō, Nakano Ward, but burned down during the air raids of 1945 (the twentieth year of Shōwa).