Thirty-six enjoyments of Edo: Meguro Fudō Temple Mochibana
Painted by Utagawa Toyokuni III and Utagawa Hiroshige II 1864 (Genji 1) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 3536-C16

Meguro Fudō is a Fudō hall of Taiei-zan Ryūzen-ji, a temple of the Tendai Buddhist sect. The worship of Fudō (the Buddhist deity Acala) had been fluorishing among common people since the Edo period, and Meguro Fudō became one of the most popular destinations for pilgrims as well as those seeking entertainment near Edo. The temple town was always full of visitors. This was one of the 'Edo-Santomi', three shrines that sold official shogunate tomikuji tickets (lottery in the Edo period).