Thirty-six selected flowers: Koganei-sakura of the East Capital
Painted by Utagawa Hiroshige II 1866 (Keio 2) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 035-C1-6

A row of sakura (cherry trees) along the Tamagawa aqueduct known as Koganei-zakura were planted around 1737 (the second year of Genbun) when Musashino Shinden was being developed, on the both banks of the Tamagawa aqueduct around Koganei bridge as its center, over a distance of about 6 kilometers. For this, best breeds of wild cherry trees were purchased from Yoshino (Nara Prefecture) and Sakuragawa (Ibaraki Prefecture). This area was known as one of the prominent spots for "sakura (cherry blossom) viewing" in Edo since the late 18th century.