Koganei-bashi bridge from "Guide to Famous Spots of Edo Vol.4"
Compiled by Saitō Chōshū, Painted by Hasegawa Settan 1834-1836 (Tempō 5 to Tempō 7) Kaga Collection 256

The Koganei-bashi bridge was built across the Tamagawa aqueduct. It is said that the name comes from the famous water of Koganei nearby, one of the seven wells in Musashi. Koganei became one of the best spots for sakura (cherry blossom) viewing in Edo towards the end of the 18th century and many people visited the area. The Koganei-bashi bridge was originally a timber bridge, which was easily damaged and needed to be rebuilt frequently. The inhabitants of the area around the bridge, who had taken pain for financing the repair costs, each contributed their funds and in 1856 (the third year of Ansei), finally built the stone bridge that they longed for.