Aoi-no-yashiro, Torakashiwa-no-yashiro Shrine from "Guide to Famous Spots of Edo Vol.3"
Compiled by Saitō Chōshū, Painted by Hasegawa Settan 1834-1836 (Tempō 5 to Tempō 7) Kaga Collection 256

Aoi-no-yashiro is a shrine located in Jindai-ji Temple, Chōfu City and has attracted worshippers as the head tutelary shrine of Jindai-ji Temple since old times. It was also called Seiha Tenjin (blue wave god) Shrine because spring water in a large pond within the shrine grounds looked like blue waves. Torakashiwa Shrine located in Sazumachi, Chōfu City was built during the reign of Emperor Sushun (589). It is said that the shrine was built as the village tutelary god of the Chinese and Koreans who settled in Komae-gō (the area covering present Komae City and Chōfu City).