Picture of Takao-zan Kaichō Senryūten Hōgaku
Painted by Utagawa Kuniaki I 1861 (Bunkuū 1) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 443-C1

Takao-zan (Mt. Takao) was originally a sacred place of Shugen-dō, and was included in the temple premises of Yūki-ji, Yakuō-in in Mt. Takao. Yakuō-in was founded by Gyōki as a prayer temple for a guardian god of the eastern country under the imperial edict of Emperor Shōmu in 744 (the sixteenth year of Tempyō), and is said to have attracted deep faith from the Kishu branch of the Tokugawa Shogunate House during the Edo period. Senryū-ten was a publication in which senryū (humorous or ironical haiku) with high scores selected by Karai Senryū, the founder of Senryū, from competition entries were printed and delivered to the winners.