Picture of Musashi-no-kuni Tama-gun Mogusa-mura Shōren Zenji
Tokyo Shiryō Collection 3556-C17

Shōren-ji was first built during the Tempyō era (729 to 749), and was abandoned in the Kamakura period. During the Kyōhō era (1716 to 1735), this temple was rebuilt by the Ōkubo Family, castellans of Odawara Castle, to pay a tribute to the memory of Tokugawa Nobuyasu, the eldest son of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Mogusa-en was a garden developed in this occasion. In this garden, there was Shōren-an, a one-story house with a raftered roof, and Jushō-bai, an old plum tree with a large trunk, and both of them are known as symbols of Mogusa-en.