The Origins and Revival of Otoshi-banashi (Otoshi-banashi Chūkō Raiyū)
Shikitei Sanba Preface composed in 1815 (Bunka 12) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 445-26

This volume contains printed fliers advertising the Hanashi-no-kai meetings, dating from the Seiyōsha Jugyō meeting held in April 1808 (Bunka 5) to the third Asanebō Muraku meeting held in October 1817 (Bunka 14). The fliers were collected and published in folding book form by the popular author Shikitei Sanba.

The existing volume is a transcription, and bears the title The Origins and Revival of Otoshi-banashi (Otoshi-banashi Chūkō Raiyū).
It contains annotations to the work of Rakugo performers, popular authors and artists such as Santō Kyōden and Utagawa Toyokuni who were involved in the production of the fliers. As such, the volume represents a valuable record of the history of Edo Rakugo after its revival by Utei Enba.
The volume is also known by the title Collection of Printed Illustrations from the Otoshi-banashi Meetings (Otoshi-banashi-kai Suriechō).