Legends of Odd Eccentrics (Suikyō Kijin-den)
Collected by Kanagaki Robun and Sansantei Arindo, illustrated by Ikkeisai Yoshiiku. Preface composed in 1863 (Bunkyū 3) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 210-54

This volume features the portraits, personal histories and work of 23 sandai-banashi performers belonging to two groups: Suikyō-ren ("eccentrics' association") and the Kyōshō-ren ("merriment association"). Among many similar collections of sandai-banashi stories, this volume is noteworthy for its description of each performer along with his work.

The volume's prologue also features descriptions of the Rakugo collections The Wound Writing Brush of Shika/Deer (Shika-no Makifude) by Shikano Buzaemon, known as the father of Edo Rakugo, and Karaku's Bite-sized Stories (Karaku-ga Hitokuchi-banashi) by Sanshōtei Karaku I, as well as an illustration of an actual sandai-banashi performance.
The sandai-banashi form introduced by Sanshōtei Karaku I in 1804 (Bunka 1) fell out of fashion for a time, but was revived at the end of the Edo Period, and became popular again with the publication of Modern-style Sandai-banashi (Imayō Sandai-banashi) in 1863 (Bunkyū 2).
This volume, featuring the work of Harunoya Ikuhisa and other prominent members of the Suikyō-ren and Kyōshō-ren, is generally regarded as one of the foremost collection of sandai-banashi narratives.