Ranking list of kabayakiya(broiled eel restaurants)in Edo (Edomae Ō-kabayaki)
1852(Kaei 5) Kaga Collection 4239

This is a banzuke of eel restaurants in Edo published in 1852. The title, "Edomae," refers to the sea in front of Edo, and as for eels, they were caught around Sumida River and Fukagawa.

Edomae eels were delicious, and eels from elsewhere were considered to be inferior in quality.
This banzuke lists around 200 eel restaurants, but it mentions the printing of a second edition upon carrying out further surveys of other restaurants, indicating that there were many others.
"Guidebook of Restaurants Serving Specialty Sake and Food of Edo(Edo Meibutsu Shuhan Tebikigusa)" published in 1848 also contains 90 eel restaurants, and many of them are listed in this banzuke.