Shōgun Senge(from the Chiyoda no On-omote series)
Illustrated by Yōshū Chikanobu 1897 (Meiji 30) Tokyo Shiryō Collection 618-C1-15

After donning his ceremonial attire in the Kuro Shoin drawing room, the Shōgun would be greeted by the Gosanke households (three households with direct kinship to the Tokugawa household) and top-ranking Daimyō in the Shiro Shoin before heading to the Ō-hiroma, where he would read and receive the written decree delivered by the imperial envoy.

Following the ceremony, he would meet with Daimyō and hatamoto.Through this process, the Shōgun gained authority of the military, government, and legislative system. The Ō-hiroma was the stage for clear expression of the social hierarchy, and the Shōgun reigned with supreme authority over the Daimyō as each of them knelt down before him in turn according to his status.