Record of Heroic Loyal Vassals, Illustration 3(Chūyū Gishinroku Dai-San)
Illustrated by Utagawa Toyokuni III 1847 (Kōka 4) Tokyo Shiryō Collection H054-7

On March 14, 1701, the Akō domain head Asano Naganori assaulted Kira Yoshihisa, a Kōke (protocol officer to the Shōgun).

The third of a twelve-piece series entitled Chūyū Gishinroku, this ukiyoe woodblock print depicts that scene.
Its creator was an artist named Toyokuni III (1786–1864) who excelled at ukiyoe woodblock prints of actors and beautiful women; among all ukiyoe artists, the number of works he completed over the course of his lifetime is unmatched.