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The Great Edo Metropolis  

Urban development in Edo / Edo no Taihen (great pivotal events of Edo) / Great-Edo Map   

Edo Meisho Zue No.1 Edo Meisho Zue No.2 Edo Meisho Zue No.3 Edo Meisho Zue No.4
Complete Map of Musashi province Painted by Hashimoto Gyokuran (Utagawa Sadahide) published in 1856 (Ansei 3) Tokyo Shiryō 0196-003-W

As Edo grew into Tokyo, and as time shifted from the Meiji, Taishō, Shōwa, and finally to the Heisei period, the cityscape changed greatly, yet the many meisho-e (paintings introducing famous spots) drawn in the Edo period communicate the past to us.