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The Tokyo Metropolitan Library has over 100 years of history since it opened as the first library of Tokyo City, the Hibiya Library, in 1908. During this period, the library suffered damages from the Great Kanto Earthquake and World War II, but managed to survive with many valuable documents saved.

Of these, there are about 240,000 documents in the Special Collections Room containing 15 collections that are mainly works from the late Edo period to the Meiji era. Among them, the Tokyo Shiryo collection, which was created with a 100,000-yen foundation granted to the city of Tokyo by the Taisho Emperor upon his accession to the throne, contains a large number of valuable documents on Edo/Tokyo.

With the collections of the Tokyo Metropolitan Library, EDO TOKYO-Digital Museum provides enjoyable opportunity to learn about Edo/Tokyo culture and its history. This project is based on the "Tokyo Vision 2020 ", an urban policy devised by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and has been launched since 2011.

We hope that you will enjoy this website, get attracted to the Edo/Tokyo culture, and more interested in our library and its collection.