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Site Policy


This website introduces Edo/Tokyo culture and history with the materials kept in the Special Collections Room of Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library.
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The website and its contents are owned and operated by Tokyo Metropolitan library. Unauthorized duplication, reproduction or re-use of the materials on this website is prohibited, although “reproduction for private use,” “quotation,” and other special exceptions are permitted under copyright law.


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The contents and the URL of this website may be changed without prior notice. Please understand this prior to using the website.

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Information given in this website is provided as accurately as possible. However, Tokyo Metropolitan Library shall accept no responsibility for any results of its usage.

6.Access to the original material

The original materials displayed on this website are kept in the Special Collections Room of the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library. However, access to some materials is restricted to preserve them. Particularly, the materials relating to the construction of the Edo Castle (Important Cultural Property) requires the advanced registration to access. If you wish to access the original materials, please contact the Special Collections Room by telephone before your visit.

Special Collection Room
Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library
Telephone: 03-3442-8451 (Main)